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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

First, we recommend that you contact us by phone or use our quick contact form located at the bottom of our website to check for availability. If you are not in a rush we prefer that you send in your core ECM via mail along with your contact information. We will take the parameters and features off of your core unit and transfer the information over to one of our remanufactured units for exchange. We will then contact you for payment and shipping options and have it shipped out that same day. If you would rather us repair/ rebuild your original ECM we can also do that per your request. If you need an ECM sent out ASAP, we are able to program an ECM according to your vehicle’s features and parameters to be shipped out the same day. In this case, there will be a core fee charged upfront. The core fee is refundable if you send your core unit to us within 10 business days.

How soon can I get an ECM sent to me?

24 hours. We take pride in our 24-hour turn around time. We have fully stocked inventory, which sets us aside from competitors. We understand the diesel business and want you to get your vehicle running for your business needs. We primarily use FedEx shipping, as we have found them more reliable than any other company. You have the option of Overnight, Two-day and Ground shipping.

What if I don’t have a core ECM to exchange or it is damaged?

If you don’t have a core to exchange with us or it is deemed a damaged or non-rebuildable unit, we will still be able to program one of our units. We will need some information such as your engine serial number, ECM part number, and other features and parameters off of your truck in order to program one of our remanufactured units.

What if I need an ECM sent out A.S.A.P?

No problem! We understand your business needs. We will need the following information so that we can program an ECM to your vehicle’s parameters and features:

In this case, we will need to charge a core fee. You will need to send your original core to us within 10 business days in order to receive a full refund.

What if I’m not sure if my ECM needs repairing/ rebuilding?

Be assured that we will NOT work on an ECM that does not need repairing. We will first run a diagnostics on your ECM and determine if it needs to be repaired. If it does not need any repairs and is a good core, we will let you know and you will only be charged the diagnostics fee.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. We proudly provide services for anyone who needs an ECM.

What is the policy for warranties?

Our ECMs are all rebuilt and remanufactured. We understand these computers may have some issues along the way. We offer one-year warranties and we will exchange your ECM as long as it has not been tampered with, opened or damaged. If the initial ECM that we sent out to you is giving you issues, call us and we can send you another ECM the same day. In this case, we will need to place a hold on your credit card (ECM exchange price + core fee) until you send the first unit back to us.

What is the policy for refunds?

We do not offer refunds. When we rebuild an ECM we replace parts, chips and pieces, plus the cost of labor in order to tailor the ECM repairs to your specific needs.

What if I do not return my core ECM?

We may not be able to refund your full core fee amount and your warranty may be voided. When we sell you an ECM, we need to replace our unit with yours. If you do not have a core to exchange initially, please let us know so we do not count on your core as a replacement for inventory purposes.

Do I need to get my ECM programmed once I purchase it?

Programming is included with the purchase of an ECM. If we do not have the capability to program your ECM, we will let you know before we move forth with the repair/ exchange.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA, DISCOVER and Master Card, PayPal and Wire Transfers. We will only accept company checks if we have worked with you prior to this payment method.